Don’t Pay Credit Card Processing Rate

Dual Pricing, Cash Discount and Surcharge.
Save No Matter Which Program You Choose.

0% Out of Pocket Rates.

Save up to 95% On Merchant Fees.

Dual Pricing, Cash Discount and Surcharge
Save No Matter Which Program You Choose

Aren’t All Of These Programs All The Same?

Companies across the United States are looking for the best and cheapest merchant account program to suit their business needs. Each day they are bombarded by representatives promising the lowest credit card processing rates, but it’s hard to know which is the lowest merchant rate program to choose.

At No-Rate we offer each of the 3 options for the best merchant account rate. We have no preference, but we are happy to abide by whichever program our clients feel is best for their operation.

Cash Discount merchant programs are becoming increasingly popular. Essentially, the merchant account has the business add on an additional percentage to credit card transactions whenever one is presented at the point of sale. Cash discount programs are allowed in all 50 states.

Dual Pricing Models follow the old gas station credit card processing setup where you have cash prices and card prices for each item. Many stores even have merchandise with 2 price labels including a credit card price and a cash discount price. Some point of sale systems even recognize each individual item’s cash and credit price and will adjust accordingly based on payment time at the register. Dual pricing is allowed in all 50 states.

Surcharging is the registered program offered by the card associations to allow for a markup on credit card transactions, but not allowable for debit cards due to their lower overall cost of acceptance. Surcharging is currently the least popular of the cheap or virtually free credit card processing programs for merchant accounts because surcharging ends up with lower fees, but not close to 0%. Surcharging is also not legal in every state so please check with us to see if your state is on the list.

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