Don’t Pay Credit Card Processing Rate

0% Out of Pocket Rates.

Save up to 95% On Merchant Fees.

It’s Now Possible For Small Businesses To Accept
Credit Cards Almost For Free

For many years, businesses accepting credit cards have been looking for free credit card processing. Better than the cheapest credit card processing rates, we now allow you to offset all of your monthly rates with a proprietary system. If your products or services are $100, you’ll collect $100.

How does it work? If a customer purchases a $100 item, they’ll pay an additional fee, which will essentially be paid directly to the credit card processing and you’ll receive your full $100 from your sale. Wow, a sale without merchant services fees!

Effectively, zero fee merchant services rates are now possible. Your customers pay one price to use credit cards and another to pay cash. Similar to gas station cash and credit prices, you’ll be able to offer your customers a discount for paying with cash.

Customers will love that you didn’t raise the price for everyone and they can still get a discount on your products and services by paying another way.

Why Businesses Choose No-Rate for Virtually
Free Merchant Services

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Change How You Think About Credit Card Processing

Everyone is looking for the cheapest merchant services rates because they want to avoid paying too much in credit card processing fees. Meanwhile, their customers are enjoying all of the credit card perks, miles and cashback from their payments.

There is a better way to do business now. It is a privilege for customers to pay by credit card, get card perks and at least a month to pay their bill without interest. Whether it is through surcharging, cash discount or dual pricing, it should be a premium to accept credit cards. With prices rising everywhere, businesses have to get virtually free merchant services rates. Instead of raising the prices on everyone, merchants can now keep their prices the same for cash-paying clients and have a credit card price as well for their products and services.

With our cheap credit card processing program, businesses can now offset their costs for virtually free merchant account fees. For retail stores, home service, mail and phone order or even ecommerce online website shopping carts, businesses can now save up to 95% on credit card processing fees.